Cous Cous with Spring Vegetables

My brother-in-law and mother-in-law made a recipe request to me: something you can prepare in advance, that tastes good cool, room temperature, or warm, and is good for a pot luck party. So I created this dish, curried cous cous with spring vegetables. It's great for a pot luck party, it's bright & colorful and has a delightful south Asian flavor. It can also be made vegetarian/vegan.

Cous Cous with Spring Vegetables


(Recipe by:Chef Yasue Siewert)


Prep.: 5 minutes
Cook: 20 minutes


Makes 4 to 6 servings


1 tbsp olive oil
1 stalk celery, diced small
2 oz baby broccoli, cut bite-sized
5 green asparagus, cut on an angle
2 oz baby sweet peas
2 oz snap peas (or snow peas), cut on an angle
1 5 oz can solid white tuna in water, drain (exclude for vegetarian/vegan)
1/8 tsp garlic powder
¼ tsp onion powder
¼ tsp kosher salt
pinch of black pepper
1 cup chicken stock (vegetable stock for vegetarian/vegan)
1 ½ tsp curry powder
1 cup cous cous


Heat a pan over medium-high heat, add olive oil and celery and cook for a few minutes. Add baby broccoli and asparagus and cook another few minutes. Add sweet peas and snap peas and cook another a few minutes. Add tuna, onion powder, garlic powder, kosher salt, and black pepper and cook another a minute. Set aside.

In a medium saucepan, boil chicken stock and add curried powder and stir well.

In large bowl, put cous cous and pour curried flavored chicken stock over it, and put vegetable mixture on top. Cover with plastic wrap and let sit for approx. 7 minutes (it depends on cous cous, please follow the directions on box). Remove the plastic wrap and mix well and fluff with folk.

Serve cool, warm or room temperature.

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Looks good. Will try to make soon.

Thank you, Carl!!

YUM!! Was delicious, thank you sharing your recipes!

-Stephanie, NY, Age: 21

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